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Abusement Park


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MyNameIsRedundant A little all over the place in production, and without direction in sound, but not a bad release by any means
With a new vocalist an different approach to each track, its hard to pin down one track to truly praise above the others
Vocally, the best tracks are Abusement park and Extinction Gene. The others do a fantastic job but they cant live up to the magnitude of Davidson or Strnad.
Instrumentally, my favourite tracks are Mother of Lust and DSITS, but the most complete track is Extinction gene Favorite track: D.S.I.T.S. (feat. Doug Moore of Pyyrhon).
CS thumbnail
CS This is great. Favorite track: Mother of Lust (feat. GOST).
Matt Medeiros
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Matt Medeiros Slam ignorance that doesn't take itself seriously. From the absolutely insane cover art, to the opening gurgle of the title track, this is the perfect blend of "serious artists" and "doing something for fun." The riffs hit hard, guest vocalists crush. Abusement Park is worth the price of admission, and the hospital bills that inevitably follow traipsing around this mismanaged wonderland. Favorite track: The Abusement Park (feat. Trevor Strnad of The Black Dahlia Murder).
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crimsonblue88 Release this its now the 7th and I still can't access it mate.
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Un tiempo antes de tiempo Cuando yo sabia todo Sin escojer un cuerpo Antes de que yo nacie Cuando llege a este mundo de infierno Un poco Sonaba Un poco lloraba Un poco Gritaba Porque poco a poco se me olvidaba Y a los monstros yo le preguntaba Como se veia la cara de Dios Angeles Odiosos Angeles celosos Angeles venenosos Angeles peligrosos Me quieren matar
Replacing our DNA Altering the genetic code Stillbirth epidemic As the viral load overflows The apex of technology Unmaking our biology Ground up into the gears of the doomsday extinction Unraveling the nucleus, eradicate the human gene The limp corpse of humanity swaying in the noose of the cyber breed Inoculate the innocent, the final one for the human disease No virgin birth, only barren wombs The population plummeting exponential negative growth The human seed is withering The fertilized will be victimized Sterilized then vaporized Restoring balance to this planet after centuries of decadence from human beings taking everything for granted
It grows A beast of magnitude It feeds Carnivorous and wanting more It waits Lured by light Absorbed by rage Like a brick through a window Like the truth through your teeth Aimed for the back of your throat This ain't a game, you want to play Burn me down Set me ablaze Give me purpose in a cold world Where I once had none Like the old boy said, I can't take this anymore This will All be Over soon
Sweat-christened, underwear like rough rope Sawing cruelly in two Cut on a slant diagonally, like grilled cheese Tender white ass flesh worn right through Rubbing incessantly Chaffed so violently in pain Thighs and ass cry out As the flesh widdles away Sun is high, 99 degrees of hate No powder, no wax, no shade Why did you wear Jean shorts on a water ride You've made this bed, it's time to lay Fromunda cheese and blood Do coalesce in pain Fromunda cheese and blood Until no flesh remains Shimmy around like a wounded cowboy Unamused at the abusement park With athletes ass - and grated balls - suffer for all And what the weather man predicts - enough to make one sick Strapped down - to a table Butt cheeks exposed Corduroy covered pendulum Swings coming ever close In moments you'll be screaming In moments there'll be blood In moments you'll be praying To (insert your god) above Sun is high, 99 degrees of hate No powder, no wax, no shade Why did you wear Jean shorts on a water ride You've made this bed - so dumbly - it's time to lay
Canine bowel putrescence Frozen within crystalline hydro-esssence At the chill onset of the winter Entombed out of sight where no one will remember Dog shit in the snow Hidden underfoot, gonna lay you low Dog shit in the snow Hidden underfoot, gonna lay you low When the thaw comes, it's lying in wait Pooch gut extrusion stinking up your fate One careless step and the stench is unbound Your footwear is ruined, you're wearing a frown Dog shit in the snow Hidden underfoot, gonna lay you low


"We started this band as a joke we thought no one would hear; a folder of sick riffs titled "Slammy Sosa". Once I spent weeks rearranging and tracking grooves, black mailing some killer death metal vocalists to come over my house and participate, and kidnapping one of the sickest engineers in the game to mix and master this shit in order to be released...we're still a joke. But at least it sounds legit, and it's all for charity you chumps!"

100% of all proceeds for 'Abusement Park' will go to the Cancer Research Institute (www.cancerresearch.org)


released November 6, 2020

Frank Godla - Drums
Nick Emde - Guitars

Trevor Strnad - Vocals
Dave Davidson - Vocals
Jessica Pimentel - Vocals
Doug Moore - Vocals
Aaron Heinold - Vocals
Gost - Vocals

Mixed & Mastered by Will Putney at Graphic Nature Audio
Logo by Hollie Thompson
Album Art by Summer Lacy


all rights reserved



NITESOIL Brooklyn, New York

NiteSoil is a bi-coastal death metal act by Frank Godla (Metal Injection, Meek is Murder, Enabler) and Nick Emde (Contracult Collective, White Widows Pact) who started to jam on ignorant slam together in the summer of 2019.

Every NiteSoil song features a different guest vocalist, handpicked and engineered DIY by the band.
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